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4th of July: Safety First!

With 4th of July just around the corner, there’s a lot of fun in store. BUT, before we get too excited about the sweet treats and amazing fireworks, we’re getting serious about safety. We’re not trying to kill the mood, we promise! Our 4th of July series is going to be fun and fresh, but we’re kicking it off with a safety post — if you only read one, this should be it!

Take a moment to read our six steps to avoiding mishaps on 4th of July!

1.     Have water on hand

Hopefully, this one seems pretty obvious, but having a water source on hand could make the difference between a minor burn and a trip to the hospital. Everyone in your party should be aware of and have access to this water source. Remember: prepare now so you can play later.

2.     Wear goggles!

Especially if you’re planning to allow teenagers to light fireworks, make goggles mandatory. Over 10% of firework related injuries affect the eyes, so just don’t risk it!

3.     Responsible adult supervision

If you are planning to light fireworks, even if there are no children present, there should be at least one responsible (read: sober) adult. Just like you would never go out without designating a driver, you should never plan to light fireworks unless there is at least one completely sober person present.

4.     Don’t re-light the duds!

dud firework.jpg

If you’re dealing with a firework that simply won’t light, or is persistently finicky, soak it in water and walk away. Do not attempt to re-light any kind of malfunctioning firework.

5.     Keep pets indoors at all time

It’s unpredictable how animals will respond to the sight and sound of fireworks. For this reason, it’s extremely important that all pet owners responsibly leave pets indoors on 4th of July. Allowing them to freely roam could result in a runaway situation or an untimely run-in with an explosive firework.

6.     Dispose safely

After the festivities have ended, douse fireworks in water and place them in a metal trashcan outdoors and away from all flammable materials.


We hate to be downers, so we promise to be back tomorrow with an all-new fun and cheerful post! How do you prioritize safety on 4th of July? Let us know in the comments below!