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Beat Summer Boredom!

In the spirit of summer, we’re bringing you a little boredom buster today! As much as we love having the kids home for summer, the days tend to get a little (okay, a lot) long and we're usually in need of a few creative ideas to get us through! Don’t worry — we’re here to help you out! Today, we’re bringing you 6 crafty activities to keep the kids busy and save your sanity!

1.     Life-size Connect Four Game

We stumbled across this idea and couldn’t believe we didn’t think of it ourselves! It’s so great to keep ideas like this one in your back pocket because you’ve likely got all the supplies in your house right now. Simply grab some butcher paper and paper plates and get to playing! It will keep the entire family entertained for hours — we promise!

2.     Printable Nature Bingo

This bingo template from Handmade Charlotte is such a great crafty game for families on the fly! Whether you just need a little afternoon activity, or you’re looking for a road trip pass-time, nature bingo will keep everyone happy!


3.     Mini Water Blobs

These DIY water blobs are a little tedious to put together, but they’re well worth it! Water blobs will keep the littles entertained for days on end! These will come in handy on those especially warm days when swimsuits are a non-negotiable.


4.     Homemade Stress Ball

To make these DIY stress balls, you’ll only need a few household items! We love this idea for summer, because it’s a great activity to teach kids about stress and stress management. Kids will love putting these together, and these stress balls will be around to entertain for the entire summer!


5.     Kool-Aid Slime

This edible, borax free slime is made with the fun taste and color of Kool –Aid! The recipe is kid and kitchen friendly! Bonus: this is a great activity for kids of all ages!






6.     Pom Pom Drop

We love this simple game for your younger kids this summer. This tutorial does a great job of explaining the type of STEM skills this activity builds. Set your littles loose with some supplies and watch the magic happen!



If you’ve got any foolproof summer activities of your own, tell it all in the comments below!