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Apartment Envy on a Shoestring!

With summer in full swing, now may just be the perfect time to revamp your everyday spaces. With summer comes the freshness of warmth and new perspectives — what better time to leave the old behind and welcome some new and affordable pieces into your home? Today, we’re focusing on a few, simple additions any renter can incorporate into their home space. Our ideas may be exactly what you need to get inspired to fill your space with new energy — stay tuned!

DIY Faux Marble Coffee Table:

We love love love the look of this faux marble table (a spin-off from a table sold at IKEA). But, mostly, we love love love that it gives us the look of marble without the expensive price tag. Check out Poppy Talk’s DIY for the details!

Towel Rack Ladder:

We saw this ladder towel rack on Funky Junk Interiors’ blog, and we can’t believe we didn’t think of it ourselves! Rustic, wooden ladders are an easy flea market find, and the perfect touch of creativity to add to a bathroom space (a room that tends to fall into a more “predictable” decorating pattern).

DIY Tassel Wall Hanging:


Erica from Honestly WTF walks us through a simple tutorial with a big outcome. Her neutral-toned tassel wall is the perfect solution to that one bare wall in your home that you still can’t figure out how to fill (we all have those, right?). Best of all? You’ll end up with a huge décor piece that only costs you one trip to the craft store!

Kid-friendly Abstract Wall Art:

Our last idea is pretty much the ultimate win-win on a long summer day. Not only will this wall art keep your kids entertained for an entire day (it involves squirt guns… need we say more?), but you’ll also end up with some funky art pieces handmade by your favorite little humans! Check out the tutorial here.

Do you have any summer DIY secrets? Tell us in the comments below!