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Bark Away the Heat this Summer!

Glorious summer is upon us. And, while some of us may be looking forward to soaking up the sun in hopes of catching a tan, the same can’t be said for our furry friends. Animals have a different reaction to the warm weather than we do. After all, when’s the last time Fido seemed interested in donning a bikini and lathering on the SPF? Today’s post is all about keeping our pets happy and healthy on even the hottest of days. This means learning the telltale signs of overheating and pledging to be mindful of our animals’ needs before our own. Read on for easy tips that could just save the life of your four-legged friend!

1.     Learn the signs of overheating to prevent heatstroke

Dogs are more susceptible to heatstroke than humans because they don’t sweat like we do. If it’s especially hot outside, watch out for sluggish or confused behavior, hard panting, or a tongue that appears bright red in color. These warning signs will tell you that your dog is overheating and needs to be tended to.

2.     Invest in a cooling mat

One simple way to offer your pet a break from the heat is to invest in a cooling mat. The benefit here is that this mat will be for your pet and your pet only, so it will always be in the same place and your pet will always know where to find it. Cooling mats are an especially great option for pet owners who leave the house for large amounts of time to go to work. Don’t leave your best friend alone in the heat; consider a cooling mat!

3.     Fresh water and shade

If you’re ever in a situation asking yourself ‘is this a safe environment for my pet?,’ double check for the bare necessities: fresh water and shade. If your animal has plentiful access to these two things, breathe a little easier.  If you’ve provided these two resources, along with continual supervision, your pet will be much more comfortable in the warm temperatures.

4.     Do the asphalt test

Before you decide to saunter out for a mid-afternoon walk with your pet, make sure to do the asphalt test by firmly pressing the back of your hand against the asphalt for at least 7 seconds. If it’s too hot for you to handle, it’s too hot for your pet.

5.     Safe rather than sorry!

Never delay treatment for an animal you suspect to be suffering from heat exhaustion or heatstroke. As pet owners, we are the only ones responsible for helping our animals. Never neglect your duty as the primary caretaker of your pet — see your local vet in any questionable circumstances regarding the health of your pet.

Have any pro tips on keeping your animals cool in the heat of summer? Share with us in the comments below!