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Best Ways to Maximize Space

No matter what the size of our home is when we start adding guests into it for the holidays it can feel a bit tight.   With some simple tricks and tips you can transform your home into a spacious and clean space ready for any size gathering. Here are 7 simple ways to maximize space in your home.

1. Create Hidden Storage

Is there room beneath your bed that you could add storage underneath? What about up? Do the cabinets in your kitchen extend to the ceiling? If not, store exciting pieces like a cake stand or oversized platter in the space between the cabinet and the ceiling.

2. Separate Living Zones

Set up specific areas for different tasks to make your space feel bigger. When decorating, clearly separate the living and sleeping spaces either with a screen, shelving unit or even with different rugs.






3. Rotate Clothing

Every mid-may and late October, rotate your clothing around.  Pull everything out of your closet and put it back in a different order depending on the season. For winter, winter clothes come to the front of the closet, and summer clothes go to the back.


4. Multipurpose Furniture

Do you have a trunk laying around?  They provide great additional storage as well as a table for gatherings.  Another idea is an ottoman that has a secret storage area.  Finding items that fit better in your space and have multiple purposes make a bigger impact in the space than a whole bunch of furniture with only one use.

5. Seek Out Perfect Pieces

Your place is small—which means that every inch counts and everything is on display. So if you don’t absolutely love a piece, don’t buy it. Keep searching until you find the coffee table that you can’t live without, rather than buying the one you sort of like out of necessity. Ask a friend whose apartment you love to help you search for the perfect piece. Apply the same philosophy for hard-to-find items. When worse comes to worst, have something custom-made.

6. Remember, Less Is More

Knickknacks and tchotchkes are cute, but they make a small space feel cluttered. The less stuff you have, the bigger your space will feel. Don’t overcrowd it with furniture pieces that are too big. If there isn’t room for a traditional coffee table, turn a small side table or two into a coffee table. In essence, channel the principles of a hotel room: Only keep the bare essentials; pick pieces you love and keep surfaces bare.

7. Clean Regularly

A clean house is a happy house. Your space will naturally feel bigger when it is clean and removed of clutter. Put away clothes, wipe down counters, and vacuum the rugs at least once every couple of weeks. While you clean, have a mini de-cluttering session, re-organize drawers, and purge excess clutter. Soon enough your space will be entirely clutter-free.