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Christmas Decorations

You don’t always have to buy Christmas ornaments or go online to get the best Christmas decorations – so with the holiday season just around the corner, why not save yourself a load of cash by making your very own decorations.


1. DIY Felt Christmas Trees

Christmas is such a magical time for kids, and even though some might be young, I wanted to make it special. We made a felt Christmas tree with ornaments that just stuck on so your kids could decorate their own little trees over and over again.


2. Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

These tea light snowman ornaments are really easy to make and they look ADORABLE! Who would have thought you could make such a cute Christmas ornament just by using dollar store tea lights?! When you turn on the tea light the “flame” becomes the snowman’s carrot nose! Talk about adorable!


3. Frosty The Doorman

This is a great easy Christmas decoration to let the kids help out with! It looks adorable on the inside and is incredibly easy to do. All you'll need is some construction paper, wrapping paper, a pair of scissors, and a wild imagination.





4. Ornament Lantern

Instead of sticking a generic candle inside of a lantern, enclose a handful of ornaments and battery-operated Christmas lights for a more eclectic look. I'd love to place these by my front door!





5. Gift Wrapped Door

For all of the minimalists who don't want to have to try too hard while decorating, this one's for you. Use some ribbon (or even an old bedsheet!) and cut it out into a "t" shape. Add a bow on top and your entire home is now one big present!






6. Christmas Trees made from books

We have a slight obsession for books and old book. So this year we decided to bring our love of books to a whole new level by making a Christmas tree from them. I saw the idea on Facebook, and knew it was perfect for our home. So one hour after showing my husband the picture, he got to work creating our own Christmas tree of literacy.  80 plus books later, we had our own cozy Christmas corner and didn’t spend a dime.

7. Giant Paper Plate Lollipops

So many people love this easy DIY Christmas craft! These are giant paper plate lollipops for Christmas. They are super cute as a garden decoration. Plus, they cost less than a dollar each to make! They do not have to be painted perfectly because the cellophane makes them all look adorable no matter what your skill level is which makes it an easy DIY craft anybody this holiday season.


8. Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

These snowflakes are a fun festive way to make a big impact in a room, while also entertaining the kids for a while!



9. Gingerbread Men Garland

Cut out ten handsome gingerbread men from dough and poke two holes in the middle of each with the end of a straw. Then bake them and let them dry out, and then strung them together with some ribbon. To make it easier to string your ribbon through the tiny holes, wrap Scotch tape around end of the ribbon, like a shoelace.




10. Picture Frame DIY Christmas Décor

Super cool and easy Christmas décor or gift! You’ll just need a frame, some bells, a little creativity and you’re well on your way to making this picture frame décor.






11. Christmas Fireplace

If your image of Christmas includes stockings hanging on a fireplace but your home doesn't have one, you can make a surprisingly realistic version from cardboard. Start with four cardboard display boards -- the kind students use for science projects. You can find them at hobby or office supply stores and home centers.


12. DIY Santa & Reindeer Garland

Every mantle needs decorations at Christmas. Seriously. This is where I go a little nuts. There are garlands-galore, candles, glitter, snowflakes, antlers, etc. I can tell you that Logan really enjoys it… This Santa & reindeer garland is easy-peasy and can be hung many different ways. Just take some scissors, an afternoon, and prepare yourself for the cutest little reindeer to have ever lived.