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Easter Egg Coloring & Hunting

You can’t celebrate Easter without some fun Easter eggs decorated and a yearly Easter egg hunt.  This year we figured it might be fun to spice up this old tradition with some new ways to decorate your eggs and hold a one of a kind Easter egg hunt.  Take a look below and let us know what you think.


Decorating eggs

Shaving Cream Dyed Easter Eggs

Here’s a quick and easy way to dye your Easter eggs this year! Use shaving cream and food coloring! You can also use cool whip as a substitute. I think this is way more fun for kids to do than the traditional way. 






DIY Nail Polish Dipping Easter Eggs

Easter is coming! Are you thinking to make some colored eggs? Here’s a really easy way for you to dye some Easter eggs its called nail polish dipping Easter eggs. It’s very fun and easy to make. Just dip the eggs into the mix of nail polish and that’s it! The nail polish creates a unique marble effect on the eggs, which makes them look so beautiful. Sometimes the eggs look like the harlequin faces, which is so funny. You can also work with kids on it. I am sure they will love playing with the colors and eggs.





DIY Pinata Surprise Easter Eggs

Piñata surprise Easter eggs are the perfect use for those plastic eggs everyone has sitting around their house. You can probably make these with things you have in your craft supply stash, which is one of my favorite ways to DIY. So let’s do it!




Egg-cellent No-Candy Easter Egg Fillers

Avoid the sugar coma and meltdowns this Easter with these egg-cellent non candy Easter egg fillers… perfect for your Easter egg hunt or Easter basket.





Egg Hunts

Floating balloons

The trick to this Easter egg hunt idea is to tie balloons to the eggs, and scatter them throughout the yard. This is perfect for toddlers since the floating balloons draw them in. It doesn’t take much coaxing from the parents either, because children naturally love balloons.



DIY Egg Popper Tree

This is one of those posts that really makes me wish I was a kiddo again!  To make this successful you need to fill poppers, wrapped up like little egg-shaped candies themselves! Hang these up on a nice ol’ tree and let the kids pull and pop, gathering candy as they go. It’s kind of like a reverse egg hunt and is great for older kids who might think they’re too cool for egg hunts.


Easter Bunny Trail

This is something fun to do anywhere!  You can create it along the sidewalks by your home or wherever you celebrate Easter. 









Puzzle Piece Easter Egg Hunt

If you are trying to limit how much sugar you give your kiddos this Easter this is the perfect Easter Egg stuffer for you! Who doesn’t love a good puzzle?  This version is extra fun since you have to find all the eggs to get the pieces too!


The Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt

Everyone recalls participating in an Easter Egg Hunt when they were young, but how do you make it fun for the kiddos as they get older?  Its simple, just have the hunt when it is dark and make the eggs trickier to find by only giving out flashlights! This is the perfect fun activity for everyone to get involved in.  Hide some eggs and enjoy watching your family bond over this fun activity.



Easter Egg Hunt Checklist

Do you ever feel like the Easter Egg hunt ends too quickly and your little ones are wanting to do it over again? This year try making your hunt even more fun by using the Easter Egg Hunt Checklist. It has items the kids can search for in the backyard, park or wherever your event is at this year.