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Easter Food

With every holiday comes some fun new recipes and a bit of time spent in the kitchen.  Easter is no different especially since if your family is like mine you spend the whole time catching up over food.  We came up with different options that you can use throughout the day depending on where you are lacking recipes.


Easter Peeps Fruit Kabobs

So let’s get a little spring-like cheesiness out of the way. Can you think of anything more spring-like than rainbows? And Easter? And Easter rainbows? With Peeps? No. I didn’t think so. I couldn’t think of anything more spring-like either. Throwing together these adorable Easter Peeps fruit skewers is the perfect way to kick start this holiday!












Easter Bunny Donut kids snack idea

These are perfect to share as a treat for a class or even just as a special holiday breakfast idea for the kids!





Easter Cucumber Sandwiches

Easter is hopping up on us and I have an adorable, yet delicious recipe for Easter Cucumber Sandwiches with a Carrot and Herb Cream Cheese Spread that I know you and your family are going to love. They are super easy and come together quite fast. I know you are ready for the recipe, so let’s get cooking!







Bunny Munch Trail Mix

Tired of filling your child’s Easter basket with chocolate bunnies and PEEPS? Who isn’t right? Um, that’s very boring! If you’re looking for a Easter treat that’s fun and tasty, this Bunny Munch Trail Mix can’t be beat! It’s super simple to make and it’s VERY yummy! Simply mix-in a low sugar cereal like Chex and some multicolored marshmallows, and you’ll have yourself a tasty little Easter treat in no time.


Easter Bunny Munch

The kids get baskets full of candy, but what about the adults? A super easy and quick way to have a few sweet munchies for when Easter dinner is over is to whip up a big batch of this Easter Snack Mix. 




Goldfish Carrots

They're orange, yet not sweet, and always fun for a snack. Place them in a cellophane bag, wrap in a carrot shape, and serve away!







S’More Easter Peeps Treats

Looking for a fun and easy Easter treat? Here are some S’More Easter Peeps Treats! Grab these treats bags printable labels and make these easy treat for the kids! These were a huge hit the kids, parents and teachers loved them!



















Mini-Eggs Brownie Parfait

These Mini Eggs Easter Brownie Parfaits are the perfect choice for an Easter party since they’re so easy to throw together and they’re made with everyone’s favorite chocolate Easter treat! We served them to friends this weekend and they were a big hit! And of course, you could substitute a low-fat whipped topping for the real whipped cream in this recipe, but if you’re already indulging in Easter candy then you may as well go for the good stuff, right?


Easy Bunny Butt Pretzels

Looking for easy Easter themed recipes and crafts to make with the kids this spring? Then you’ll love these adorable Bunny Butt Pretzels! (Or “Bunny Bum” if you prefer). I love this recipe because kids of all ages can pitch in, and they’ll love building their bunnies!  Almost as much as they’ll love eating them!













Easter Bunny Butt Cupcakes

There’s no butts about it, these Bunny “Butt” Easter Cupcakes take the cake when it comes to the cutest, most Instagram-worthy dessert out there.