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Father's Day the Beer Lover's Way!

Welcome back to the third installment in our ‘Father’s Day Your Way’ series!

Today’s theme: Beer-loving-Dad! Yup, that’s right — today’s post will be covering all things beer for the dads who just can’t get enough! So, relax, because we’ve got the whole day planned out for the beer lover in your life!

Step 1: Beer Glazed Bacon

Start the morning off the right way (AKA beer glazed bacon!).  This recipe could not be more perfect for Father’s Day! We are positive that no beer lover could resist the sweet smell of bacon glazed with the perfect IPA. Kicking off Father’s Day with this indulgence will leave you on a lasting buzz (literally) all day!

Step 2: DIY Coasters

In a few easy steps, you can replicate these beer coasters! This would make a great gift from you or the kids! Bonus: these turned out so cute, you’ll actually want to keep them around for future use!

Step 3: Beer Bouquets

These beer bouquets would be easy to replicate and would make the perfect centerpieces at your Father’s Day bash! Bonus: your beer-lover will likely be thrilled when he’s assigned to drink the bottles so they’re empty!

Step 4: Beer Brownies!!

We’re absolutely positive you’ll love this recipe for Beer Brownies from Christina at Dessert for Two! The brownies are extra rich and you can customize the frosting to incorporate your beer lover’s favorite sip!




However you choose to celebrate, we want to hear about it! Share your plans for the upcoming Father’s Day weekend in the comments below!