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Father's Day the Fisherman's Way!

Welcome back to our second installment in our ‘Father’s Day Your Way’ series!

Today, we’re covering Father’s Day for our Fishermen! If there’s a dad in your life who loves to fish, we’re here to lighten your load! Read on and get inspired!

Step 1: Fishing Card

We can’t believe how adorable this card turned out. A homemade card is the perfect way to thoughtfully express your gratitude for dear ole Dad! Bonus: get the kids involved! Buying cards can get expensive, but if you're already taking the time to sit down and make one from scratch, why not take advantage and make Dad feel extra loved with a card from every member of the family?

Step 2: Personalized Fishing Lure

If you’re not one for DIY projects, consider ordering one of these personalized fishing lures on Etsy.com. These are such an affordable and special keepsake — perfect for Father’s Day!

Step 3: Throw a Party!

Lucky for us, Heather at Chickabug already has this one all mapped out! Invite the whole family over for a party dedicated to the special Dad in your life. Click here to learn how to throw the perfect Fishing Themed Father’s Day party!



Step 4: The most important meal of the day!

These fish themed cupcakes are so cute and SO easy! They’ll be the perfect addition to your Fishing Themed party! Round out the evening with these festive treats, and, just like that, you’ve got a day of surprises sure to impress any Fish-loving-Dad!


However you choose to celebrate, we want to hear about it! Share your plans for the upcoming Father’s Day weekend in the comments below!