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Father's Day the Golf Lover's Way!

Don’t get us wrong, we love our dads (they’re amazing!), but are we the only ones who struggle a bit around Father’s Day? Finding the perfect gift can be next to impossible, and it seems we always fall short of showing our dads just how much we appreciate them. If you’re on the same page, prepare to call us your new BFF’s… This week, we’re releasing 4 newly curated posts to guide you through this year’s Father’s Day festivities.

Today’s post is dedicated to the Golf Loving Dad! So, get ready to check ‘Father’s Day prep’ off your to-do list — we’ve thought of everything!

Step 1: ‘Hole in One’ Doughnuts

Start the morning off right — with golf themed doughnuts, of course! These treats are so thoughtful and (bonus) easy! All you need is a box of store-bought powdered doughnut holes (make them from scratch with this recipe) and a festive container. With step one under your belt, the day is off to an award-winning start!

Step 2: Custom Golf Balls

We couldn’t think of anything more thoughtful or adorable than these custom designed golf balls. This makes the perfect gift from the kids — they’ll probably enjoy themselves a little too much during the design process.

Step 3: T-riffic Jar

Again, this is such a simple and thoughtful gift. This ‘T-riffic’ jar make the perfect shelf decoration. Plus, dad will no doubt appreciate the back-up tees!





Step 4: Don’t forget the dessert!

To close out the day, we’ve selected these putting green cupcakes. The recipe is much simpler than you may think, and Dad will definitely appreciate the fact that the whole day was centered around one of his favorite hobbies.




However you choose to celebrate, we want to hear about it! Share your plans for the upcoming Father’s Day weekend in the comments below!