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Fitness Tips for Apartment Living

With summer nearly in full swing, we’re ready to get serious about our fitness habits, but sticking to the same old routine can sometimes leave us stranded on an island with little motivation in sight. Some of the greatest advantages to living in an apartment are the extra amenities available. To have access to a lawn, fitness center, and pool can mean some great things for your workout regime and your overall motivation! Today, we’re bringing you 4 innovative ways to get your sweat on in your apartment complex this summer!

Utilize the Fitness Center!

We know this one sounds a bit obvious, but it’s surprising that the fitness centers at many apartment complexes go underutilized. Just spending a couple days a week lifting weights at a gym can help you burn up to 40% more fat! Experts also say weight training is an excellent way to reduce stress.

Go for a Swim!

If you haven’t used your complex’s pool to get your fitness on yet, you’re missing out on one of the toughest and most complete workouts out there. Swimming is an effective workout that involves every major muscle group while remaining easy on your joints. Pro tip: get this workout in early — swimming in the morning gets your day off to an invigorating start and you’ll beat all the kids to the pool (that's what we call a win-win).

Take Advantage of the Pavement!

 Something that’s often taken for granted in an apartment complex is the fact that all the pathways and roads are paved — perfect for running or walking. If you need a quick and effective workout, step out your front door and hit the road! Take advantage of the open space with minimal traffic, all you need is thirty minutes and some running shoes!

Yoga on the Lawn!

Yoga is such a great way to relax and get some great muscle sculpting in. If you haven’t met the neighbors yet, this will likely inspire a conversation! Grab a yoga mat or towel and get to stretching in your apartment’s most serene spot! You’re guaranteed to feel refreshed when it’s said and done!

However you decide to stay active this summer, the most important thing is that we all get out there and move! Give us your best fitness advice in the comments below!