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Get Moving! pt. 1

If you’re planning a move in the near future, the first thing we’ve got to say is… we’re sorry! With all the packing, planning, and unboxing, moving can be a real pain! But, not to worry, because the second thing we’ve got to say is… we’re here to help! We’ve compiled 10 of the most helpful moving tips out there to help you breathe easier and pack with confidence!

1.     Tear out the pages in a phone book to wrap breakables.

  From The Krazy Coupon Lady

From The Krazy Coupon Lady

2.     Use Wine Cases For Your Glassware

From Listotic

3.     Add tape to mirrors in order to minimize clean-up in the case of a break

From One Crazy House

4.     Look for free boxes on Craigslist in your area. After people move, they have no use for their boxes and are typically happy to have someone come take them all away!

From Creating Really Awesome Free Things

5.     Make unpacking a snap by taking some pre-packing photos so you’ll know exactly where everything goes when it’s time to empty those cardboard moving boxes.

From Houselogic

6.     Place Styrofoam plates in between breakable plates to keep them safe.

From The Krazy Coupon Lady

7.     Prepare a ‘First Day Essentials’ Bin. This way, you won’t be left rifling through boxes to find the things you’ll want immediately upon arrival at your new home!

From The Dating Divas

8.     Pack makeup with a cotton ball inside. This will prevent powders from cracking and breaking. This also works for medication bottles so that pills don’t get crushed.

From Diply

9.     Keep the door open! Use a rubber band to hold down the latch bolt to make the door easy to open one-handed.

From Life Tricks

10. Invest in real moving labels. You can thank us later!

From Moving Insider

Do you have any life saving moving tips? Share them in comments below!