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Get Moving! pt. 2

In the frenzy of a big move, it can be easy for pets to be forgotten. The fact of the matter is: moving can be even more stressful on animals than it is on humans. Since we cannot rationally communicate when and how a big move will happen to our furry friends, they may respond with fear, stress, and even depression when faced with a large environmental change. The good news? There is something you can do. Check out our tips on how to smoothly transition your pets through a big move.

1.     Get pets comfortable in their crates well before the move. Being unfamiliar with the feeling of being locked in a cage for some period of time could make a car or plane ride all the more stressful for your furry friend.

Photo via iheartcats

2.     If at all possible, allow your pets to visit your future home before the actual move. Your pets are likely to be less freaked out upon arrival if they’ve already visited the new location.

3.     Pay extra attention to the door! With so many people in and out during a move, you have to be extremely conscious of where your pets are at all times. You may find it helpful to keep your pets locked in one portion of your home during times of heavy foot traffic. Even if your animals aren’t usually ones to run away, moving can be stressful and scary, prompting them to act out of character.

4.     Don’t skip the walk! Although you may be feeling especially tired at the end of a long day of unpacking, your animals still need your attention. Keeping them in step with the routine they’re accustomed to is one of the best ways to help them transition smoothly!

5.     Update tags with your new home address as soon as possible! As we already mentioned, a move is likely to cause pets to act in new and bizarre ways. Don’t settle for thinking that your pets would never run away — there’s nothing worse than knowing your pets are out and alone in a new area.

Have any tips on surviving a big move with pets? Let us in on your advice in the comments below!