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Hanukkah Decorations

Hanukkah is finally here!  Here are some great refreshing takes on the traditional concepts and designs used for this holiday while still allowing you to make Hanukkah your own.


Hanukkah Decorating with Gold Gelt

Got gelt? Not the real coins, or the chocolate. This gelt is plastic! Plastic coins are inexpensive and easy to find at most party stores. Because they are so lightweight they’re a snap to work with. I used some white string and a hot glue gun and glued the coins (back to back) to create a garland across the mantle. They sparkle just perfect in the light!


Door Décor

This Hanukkah, greet your visitors with a festive dreidel bouquet, right at the front door.





Glittered Dreidles

An extremely easy, but messy project! Simply coat wooden dreidles with glue and cover with fine glitter a few sides at a time. I highly recommend a try for this project!



This is a great countdown for anyone who has little kids. It is like an advent calendar, but in a different format where a different type of gift is given everyday.



A photo menorah

For all you DIY fans, we’ve created a photo menorah on our wall.  We “lit” the first candle, which is on the right, to show you what we’ll do each night.






Napkin Rings

Do you have all the food prepared and ready to eat, but forgot about the table? No worries add some festiveness to your napkin rings with something like charms to make a big impact!


Modern Wooden Block Menorah

Made with wooden blocks, cherry paint colors, and shiny candle holders (actually pastry tips), this simple menorah can be constructed by kids and parents together.