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Leftover Halloween Candy

Now that Halloween has come and all that is left is the fun memories and crazy costume we came up with this year we are left with a pile of unused candy that we need to figure out what to do with.  This year we came up with a bakers dozen of recipes that put your unused candy to good use in new fun ways. Check them out and let us know which one is the yummiest in your opinion.

1. Halloween Sugar Cookie Cake

This is a GOOD one for Halloween parties. We made this awhile back and we added our favorite candies like Hershey’s Cookies N Cream, Halloween M&Ms and sprinkles!! You can add whatever candy you like and use whatever color of frosting. I would just make sure the colors are related to Halloween.




2. Pumpkin Spice Chex Mix

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like it at first. I love pumpkin spice flavored things and I love chex mix — but I am usually not a huge fan of of the candy corn. I like candy corn ok, but it is not my absolute favorite candy. However, once I had a bite with all the components in one, I was sold. Total perfection.





3. Candy Bar Banana Boats

Roasted bananas stuffed with chocolate candy bars. Similar to the traditional campfire treat, but even better!







4. Loaded Candy Bar Popcorn

This Loaded Candy Bar Popcorn Recipe is full of pretzels, chocolate, marshmallows, M & M’s, Reese’s minis, caramel, and sprinkles! The ultimate in snacks.







5. Candy Corn Candy Bark

This Candy Corn Candy Bark is a great excuse to use up Halloween candy and it’s a quick and easy gift for a teacher or a neighbor! 







6. Ultimate Apple Snicker Nachos

Ultimate Apple Snicker Nachos start with a layer of fresh apple slices that are topped with gooey melted caramel, a silky chocolate drizzle, crunchy peanuts, and chopped Snickers. Think deconstructed over-the-top caramel apples- YUM!





7. Trail Mix with Leftover Halloween Candy

Got leftover Halloween candy? Mix it up and stretch it out with fruit and nuts for a {Leftover} Halloween Candy Trail Mix.







8. Leftover Candy Hand Pies

Hand pies are so quick and easy. Chop up the candy, put it on the pie crust, fold over and bake! You can even use store-bought pie crust.






9. Candy Bar Fondue

This recipe is very easy to make, for all I had to do was add the ingredients in the slow cooker and stir occasionally. I wasn’t sure if the fondue would be too sweet, but it was just the right amount of sweetness, the milk chocolate flavor is the most prominent.




10. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

This chocolate peanut butter pie is incredibly simple to make, with a chocolatey cookie crust and a smooth, peanut butter and chocolate filling. Even with its simplicity, the flavor is incredible, and it’s a great option for Thanksgiving or any of the upcoming holidays. Make sure to serve it cold!




11. Milk Dud Nutella Cookies

I love cookies with Rolo candies stuffed inside.  You know what makes a pretty darn good substitute?  Milk Duds!  Who knew!  The caramel is soft and chewy.   The chocolate coating melts into the cookie for a more intense chocolate flavor.  Nutella provides all the chocolate flavoring for this cookie while adding a touch of hazelnut.  This is really a dynamic combination.  A perfect use of Milk Duds if you ask me!

12. Rolo Brownie Pizza

Here s a dessert recipe that will satisfy your sweet tooth!  It's chocolate, more chocolate, and caramel!  If rolos are one of your favorite candies, you will love this dessert pizza.





13. Sugar Cookie Candy Tacos

A sugar cookie molded into the shape of a taco shell and then filled with chopped candy bars! Will satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooth's!