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Make a Safe Splash this Pool Season!

It’s (finally) pool season! We could not be more excited for the summer of long weekends spent at the pool that lies ahead. As always, we’re here to deliver some tips to maximize your family’s fun and safety at the pool this summer. We know families will be flocking to the nearest bodies of water in the weeks to come, and, whether you’re looking for some R&R or simply trying to drain your kids of excess energy, we’re here to help!

Tip #1: Invest in pool toys!

This investment does not have to be a big one, but pool toys are a great way to keep kids occupied and having fun at the pool. Whether we’re talking diving rings from the dollar store or something a little pricier (like this flamingo float we found here), pool toys are a safe bet to keep boredom at bay!

Tip #2: Throw it back old school style!

Old school pools games like marco-polo, sea monster, and shark attack never seem to disappoint. Just because you feel like you’ve played your fair share of these games doesn’t mean your kids do! Encourage creativity and lighthearted fun — old school style.

Tip #3: Be Prepared!

A trip to the pool means stocking up on healthy snacks, and, of course, water! It’s easy to become dehydrated after swimming or lying out in the sun for long periods of time. Make sure your family has access to fresh and healthy snack options and an abundance of water during all your pool excursions.

Tip #4: Safety First!

Remember, no matter how often your family visits the pool, accidents can happen at anytime. Always supervise your kids when swimming — no one should ever swim alone. Talk to your kids about walking instead of running on wet surfaces, and encourage them not to push others into any open body of water. Make safety your first priority this summer.

How will you make a safe splash this summer?! Give us your best pool tips in the comments below!