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Stay Smart This Summer!

Well, you made it! You’ve officially helped your kids through another year of school and we couldn’t be prouder of you! If you’re already freaking out about falling behind in the fall, let us be the ones to offer some advice: breathe deep and relax, we’ve come up with a few easy ways to help your kids retain more this summer to beat the frenzy in the fall.

30 Minutes of Reading Per Day

If your kids have been in school for any amount of time, you’ve no doubt heard all about the importance of reading. We’re here to tell you that this is no joke! If you’ve only got time to fit one educational component into your schedule this summer, let it be reading!

Make a Habit of Practicing Math and Writing Skills

Whether you want to purchase curriculum books and dedicate structured time to working through them with your kids every day, or you simply want to make an effort to integrate their minds into daily activities such as making measurements while baking or writing out thank you notes, any time you’re able to set aside this summer will make all the difference come fall!

Incorporate Themed Days or Outings

Structuring a specific day or outing around a particular topic will benefit your kids twofold: first, they’ll have the opportunity to learn about something new, and second, they’ll practice focusing on one specific topic just like they do in school. Summer is a great time to relax, but kids go from having rigorously scheduled days to days with little to no structure at all. Maintaining some semblance of structure in your summer routine will ensure your kids don’t experience culture shock when they return to school.

Travel as a Family

Some of the best education truly does take place outside the classroom! Take advantage of the time to travel as a family this summer. Whether this means locally or globally, there’s so much to see and learn. Not only is traveling an opportunity to teach your children, it’s also a chance to invest in quality time with them. Summer is for making memories, so make travel a priority!

Embrace Summer as a Time of Rest!

While we’re all about keeping their minds sharp this summer, we also want to remind you that school doesn’t take place year round for a reason. Your kids have worked hard and they do deserve some time off. So, take a deep breath and embrace those morning cartoons!

Share your best tips on staying bright this summer in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you!