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New Year, New You- Travel

You’ll need to have your finances in order, get the right equipment and invest some time and effort before you consider traveling across the globe, but there are ways of experiencing different cultures and visiting faraway places even on a tighter budget.



  • Purchase travel insurance.
  • Purchase travel medical insurance and death insurance.
  • Purchase an international phone card and open an accessible email account.
  • Travel light (financially) and carry a spare card.
  • Decide whether you want to use traveler’s checks.
  • Check your ATM, credit and debit cards before you leave.
  • Inform credit, debit, and ATM card banks and companies about your travel plans.
  • Get information about fees and charges for overseas card usage.
  • Consider a new card for an extensive trip.
  • Check for overseas partner banks and consider a debit card.
  • The overseas ATM and your debit card.
  • Consider pre-paid debit cards.
  • Consider a money belt.
  • Learn to loop.
  • Learn about the Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) process and avoid it.
  • Purchase some foreign currency at your local bank just before you leave.
  • Avoid Cash-to-Cash machines.
  • Use cash whenever possible.
  • Public transportation saves money.


Travel Apps


When you finally decide on your dream vacation, you need to have a plan to fund it. Mint can help you create a budget to set aside money for travel and also help you track your spending while you see the world. Mint is also synonymous with privacy protection. Money can’t be moved within the app and your data is protected by banking-level encryption. (Free for Android and iPhone/iPad)



This is the organizer’s dream app! Forget dealing with messy itineraries, slips of paper everywhere, and random facts all smashed into your pockets. TripIt lets you put everything for your trip—hotels information, confirmation numbers, car rentals, dinner reservations, daily excursions, and flight information—in one convenient place. You can also access it online or export it to your calendar to help plan day-to-day activities. (Free for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone/iPad)


Travel Websites that save you time and effort on your next trip


Searching for cheap and suitable flights can be time consuming, especially when you are forced to visit multiple sites and navigate a number of alternative layouts. Tripeedo helps to negate these challenges by providing an easy-to-use price comparison service that is available through a simple search bar. By entering relevant search criteria, you can generate a host of matching flights from numerous international airlines.


Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush

Don’t Forget your Toothbrush is an online resource that allows you to create a unique, individual holiday check-list. Enter your precise destination, and access a wealth of location-specific information that helps you pack the right clothes, footwear and accessories. Create the ultimate check-list, which is instantly accessible online and through your mobile device.


 Drive Pricing

Road trips are tremendous fun when traveling domestically or across a border, and it may even be your preferred method of travel. This can also be expensive, especially when you consider the rising costs of fuel and falling levels of disposable income. The Drive Pricing website helps you prepare for and, ultimately, reduce costs by allowing you to perform a simple calculation according to distance, vehicle type and the fuel performance of your car.





 See Your Hotel

One of the biggest concerns associated with international travel is accommodation and, more specifically, its quality and proximity to local amenities. See Your Hotel is an online resource dedicated to educating travelers on their potential accommodation. It uses a combination of user reviews and detailed imagery to help provide insight for what travelers can expect.


Now that you have all this handy information we hope you are more prepared for planning your upcoming trip!