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Olympic Themed Family Activities!

For the second post in our Olympic Series, we’re focusing on Olympic themed activities! These are great to try at your Olympic themed party, or just around the house with the kids during Olympic season. We’re so excited to be sharing these golden ideas with all of our readers! Let’s get into the good stuff!

1.     DIY Olympic Glasses

We love the look of these goofy Olympic glasses! This is a great and simple craft for kids to work on before or during their viewing of Olympic events! Best of all? They won’t even obstruct your view of the athletes and their incredible talents!

2.     DIY Javelin Throw

This sweet little game is perfect for the younger crowd. This can be a fun activity to set up during the day, and it can also keep them occupied while the adults have their eyes glued to the screen to see who will take the gold!


3.     Olympic Torch Light

This craft is a little more engaging for kids of all ages. They’re a bit more difficult to put together, but well worth it in the end! These awesome torches will keep everyone in your house feeling Olympic strong for the entire month!


4.     Olympic Themed Mad Libs

For the less crafty among us, these Olympic themed Mad Libs may seem like an easier option! A great little afternoon activity to get everyone excited for the games to come!



What does your family do to get in the Olympic spirit?! Let us know in the comments below!