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Popsicle Palooza pt. 3

For our third post in our Popsicle Palooza series we’re fighting for the pup’s right to pop! We’ve got 5 dog friendly recipes to keep your pals cool all summer long! So, after you’ve made yourself a few refreshing batches from our previous posts, share the love with you pooch!

Banana Pup Pops

Preview from Bitz & Giggles: “What to do, what to do with. . . VERY ripe bananas. Most people would make banana bread. Which I have also done in the past, but this time I opted for creating some delicious treats for our beautiful golden retriever, Belle. Banana Pup Pops! Also known as pupsicles or popsicles for dogs.”

Savory Dog Popsicles

Preview from The Nerd’s Wife: “With the hot summer months approaching, I’m always looking for ways to keep our beagle cool during her time outside. These Easy Dog Popsicles feature the all-new Cesar® home delights™, her favorite wet dog food.”

Carrot-Beef Popsicles

Preview from Dukes and Duchesses: “We’re in the dog days of summer and my dog has been panting like crazy with our hundred degree temperatures.  I decided a cool treat might hit the spot and I was right.  My little pup went crazy over these carrot beef dog popsicles!  The good news is these popsicles take just minutes to make and only a few hours to freeze meaning my dog will enjoy cool treats all summer long!”

Breath Freshening Watermelon Pops

Preview from Sugar the Golden Retriever: “Sugar loves watermelon. Being from the Midwest, watermelon is a fruit we only see in the Summer. There is a unique availability of watermelon here in California. Watermelon is made up of about 92% water. It’s been warm here in California and watermelon is a great refreshing fruit. Since it’s Pet Dental Month, adding mint to make watermelon pops will provide your dog fresh minty breath too.”

Gourmet Pupsicles

Preview from Wear Wag Repeat: “Earlier this summer I bought some popsicle molds at the dollar store. I imagined making some delicious frozen mojto popsicles for myself. But, of course I never got around to that, and instead decided to make some gourmet pup-sicles for Lola and Lucy. There are still plenty of hot and humid Summer days left, and the girls need to cool off!”

How did your pup like these tasty treats?! Tell us all about it in the comments below!