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Prepare Your Pets for a Vacation

Everyone loves a great vacation especially one to see your family for a holiday like Thanksgiving, but what do we do with our four-legged friends while we are away? Should we send them on their own mini vacation to a boarding facility or keep them at home?  Find out what the best option is for your pet as we explore four options.

1. The vet’s office

This might be a convenient choice especially since you think your pet is comfortable here, but your healthy dog does not need to spend a weekend or a week in a small cage hearing the cries of animals in distress and potentially exposed to infectious diseases.  Having someone stay at your home isn’t cheap, but may be well priced if you have multiple animals to care for.


2. Pet Sitter at Your Home

This is a favorite option for a lot of people.  Your pet is always comfortable in their home environment and while you are away you want them to be as comfortable as possible.  There can be some concerns about having someone stay at your place like the cost, security and even privacy.  Depending on the number of animals you have the cost might not be that much different than kenneling your dog(s) and having someone come over and take care of a stay at home pet like a cat.

As for privacy and security concerns, choose someone who is reliable and honest.  If you have a dog walker already see if they wouldn’t mind staying at your house or have a friend they can recommend, do you have any extended family close by or friends that could help? If not, make sure to get references and have your pets met the sitter before you leave to make sure everyone gets along okay.


3. Boarding at a Pet Sitter or friend’s Home

This can be a great option and is sometimes easier to find someone who will welcome your pet to stay with them especially if their pet is a friend with yours.  For this just make sure your pet is comfortable with the friend and their house.  Also if your pet has any weird behavior issues make sure you have communicated this prior so your friend knows what they should be aware of.


4. Kennel and Doggy Spas or Hotels


Depending on the facilities around you most of the kennel options out on the market are pretty impressive.  Some offer regular exercise walks, comfortable beds, interactive games, webcams so you don’t miss anything your pet is doing, and a great community feel for your pet to enjoy on their own mini-vacation while still staying in town.  We also recommend looking into if the facility allows for the animals to mingle with one another.  Some facilities offer this and it can be a great way for them to make some new friends and get tuckered out at the same time.  We also recommend taking your pet in before you go out of town for a small overnight stay before you go to make sure your pet likes the place and seems to enjoy it.


Do your pets have a specific place they like to go when you go out of town?  Let us know!