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Shake the smell out of our Four Legged Friends

We all love our four legged friends, but sometimes during these rainy months the smell of a dog can be a bit hard to shake from your home.  These are some great tips from A Typical English Home you can implement to help remove the smell before your guests notice.

1. Bathe Your Dog

If you never washed then you would, frankly, stink.  The same is true of your dog! How often you bathe your dog depends on things like what type of coat they have, and whether they have any underlying skin conditions.  You can ask your vet for advice, if necessary.

2. Brush Your Dog

Bathing your dog doesn’t just help them smell better because you are washing away dirt.  Washing them removes some of the loose hairs- and dead fur is actually the biggest contributor to dog stink! Ideally, you need to be giving your dog a thorough brush every day.

3. Look At Their Diet

Some breeds smell more than others and you can’t completely eliminate their natural doggy odor, but you can lessen it by feeding them a high quality diet. Their diet effects their health, and in particular things like their coat – and a shiny coat and healthy skin gives off a much more pleasant odor. There is lots of information about optimizing your dog’s diet online, but steer clear of tinned dog food and corn based products as a start.

4. The Vacuum Cleaner Is Your Best Friend

Dead dog hair is actually what you can smell if your home (or pet) is a bit whiffy. So naturally, you need to be removing that from your home as much as possible too. Vacuuming once a day should do the job. Don’t forget to empty your vacuum cleaner and wash the filter often, or after a while you might find that your vacuum cleaner is the biggest culprit for spreading pet smells in your home!

5. Deodorize Your Floors

Steam cleaning helps to lift the pet smell.  If you don’t have a steam cleaner, add a little white vinegar to your bucket before you mop. White vinegar has disinfectant properties, and it deodorizes. If you have carpet and rugs then keeping the dog smell at bay is a little trickier. Once a week, sprinkle carpet deodorizer over your floors before you vacuum, or for a natural alternative, use baking soda.

6. De-Fur The Furniture

Don’t forget to make sure your furniture (i.e. your sofa) is free of fur. Most vacuum cleaners have an upholstery attachment, but you can also just use a lint roller.

7. Clean Their Bedding Regularly

Nothing retains the smell of dog more than their favorite sleeping place. Ideally, you should plan ahead and buy them a coupe of washing machine friendly beds. This means that you can have one in the wash and one for use, and neither should have time to develop a strong odor. If you ever use something like a crate, regularly spray the tray with white vinegar, or sprinkle it with baking soda, to deodorize the smell. Don’t forget their toys too, if they are getting a bit stinky and can handle a trip through the washing machine!

8. Clean With Vinegar

White vinegar is a deodorizer, which is important if you want to get rid of pet smells! Plus, vinegar is an amazingly effective cleaning agent. You can add it into a spray bottle and spritz it into the air – as the vinegar smell fades, so will the smell of dog.

9. Air Your Home

Most of us probably don’t live in areas where you can throw your windows open all year round. But when the weather is warm enough, open your windows and let in some fresh air. It isn’t just good for pet smells; it is great for freshening the air in general.

10. Mask the Scent

None of these extra cleaning measures should take up much of your time, and if you make a habit of them then your home shouldn’t smell of pets. But if you do want to make sure your home smells lovely when guests come round, there is no shame in masking the scent with things like air fresheners, scented candles, etc if you want to make sure your house smells pleasant and welcoming.