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Spooktacular Costumes

With all of the holiday parties sometimes we need some last minute costume changes.  We have found 10 of the perfect easy to repeat costumes that chances are you have half of the materials already in your home.

1. Rosie the Riveter

Everyone knows and loves Rosie.  The best part of all is how easy it is to duplicate her outfit.






2. Burglar

This costume requires a ski mask, black gloves and black attire. Include a laundry bag full of cloth and draw a dollar sign on it to complete the costume.





3. Tourists

The tourist is always afraid that if they do not capture the moment with a camera, they will forget their travel experience! Grab a camera, preferably with a neck strap, khaki shorts, and a Hawaiian shirt. Now look up with your camera while walking. Congratulations, you are officially a tourist.


4. Salt & Pepper

This costume goes together like salt and pepper — literally. Simply buy a solid white T-shirt, a solid black T-shirt and corresponding colored shoes to match. Cut out the free printable on this website, trace one letter on black felt and the other on white felt, then cut out and hot glue the black “S” on a white T-shirt and the white “P” on a black T-shirt. Then shake it to your Halloween soiree!

5. Copy Cat

If your go-to costume (year after year… after year) is a ghost or a witch, stray out of your comfort zone just a little bit and try this quick—and equally as effortless—cat costume this time around. Spell out “copy” with adhesive alphabet stickers (in a pinch, you could also cut out cardboard letters and use hot glue to attach them) and place them on a white T-shirt (or, opt for a black T-shirt with white letters). Don’t forget to finish the look with your old standby ears and tail. See? We told you it’d be easy.

6. Identity theft

For this costume, you will need a package of name tags. Write a different name on each tag and tape them to your body. You now have the identity of each of those people and you are officially an identity thief.




7. Pineapple

Craft up a leafy headpiece with poster board and a cardboard tube to instantly turn a yellow outfit into a fun and fruity pineapple costume.





8. Ice-cream Cone

Get everyone screaming on Halloween this year for a different reason with this ice cream costume!! It’s easy (you may even have the items in your closet!) and practical enough to wear to just about any costume-worthy occasion on the 31st.




9. Starbucks cup

When looking for ideas, the girl in me was super pumped to come across the idea of a Starbucks Frappuccino costume! It's cute, girly, and come on we all know how much I everyone loves Starbucks.  This costume is both easy to design and cheap! This entire costume took her less than two hours to make and cost less than $40.  That’s a win-win in our books!


10. Emoji Girl

All it takes is a simple pink v-neck and you’ve got yourself the makings of this emoji girl’s costume. She has great poses to choose from throughout the night!



Do you have some great last minute costume ideas you turn to?  What are they?