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Spooktacular Drink Concocktions

Nothing says Happy Holidays quite like a festive drink to help you celebrate!  During our last installment of Halloween recipes we found the best scary drink recipes we could find to set the perfect mood for your boo-zie night.

1. Witches’ Brew

This sweet and sparkling Halloween Witches’ Brew made with fruit juice is a fun party drink for all ages and can easily be made into an adult cocktail too.




2. Polyjuice Potion Punch

Any Harry Potter fans out there? I have got something special just for you! This recipe looks and tastes amazing! The best part? It is crazy easy to make too! All you need is a little Sprite and lime sherbet (and food coloring if you want the green to really pop)!


3. Apple Cider Floats

These Apple Cider Floats are made from special fall ingredients & are a perfect way to enjoy the flavors of fall as the weather begins to cool!




4. Vampire Floats

With the popularity of  Twilight and all kinds of other vampire shows, we just had to make these fun icky and oozy Vampire Ice Cream Floats for Halloween!





5. Bloody Shirley Temples

These Bloody Shirley Temples are perfect for a Halloween party and so easy to make, too. Plus, your younger guests get to take home a fake syringe. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but I guarantee the little take away will make their day.


6. Black Light Lemonade

This easy, spooky drink is sure to be a hit at your Halloween party! A few years ago, I saw that someone had served tonic water at a Halloween party and it glowed under black lights (sadly, I have no idea where I saw this so I can’t give anyone the credit). The problem is that I think tonic water. I did something simple that made it taste a lot better and it still glows! We called it “Liquid Ghost Drink”.

7. Hocus Pocus Halloween Punch

This orange drink is the perfect surprise to bring to any Halloween party.  It has a peach mango flavor, so chose to use mango sorbet, V8’s peach mango drink, and Izze sparkling peach drink.  There are no artificial colors in the ingredients I chose, but I was still able to make a very dark orange drink. The orange is a perfect Halloween orange.

8. Candy Corn Shot

This one may not taste anything like Candy Corn specifically (We were going for layered colors, more than anything…), but it DOES taste like candy!




How do you incorporate the holiday into your drinks?