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Spooktacular Healthy Recipes

Whenever people think of Halloween recipes they always think of the ones filled with tons of sugar and are totally unhealthy for you.  Today were bringing you our installment of Halloween recipes and kicking it off with 5 healthier recipes even your pickiest of kids will enjoy.

1. Clementine Pumpkins

Clementines make the perfect oranges especially when they are decorated oh so cutely for the holiday.




2. Spooky Grapes

Who knew grapes could look scary?  Add a funky little face to these people pleaser snack and they will surely scare anyone at your next Halloween party.




3. Halloween monster apple bites

Kids will love these apple monster bites with sunflower seed teeth and strawberry tongues. Go to the link to see how the googly eyes are made.




4. “Boo”Nana Pops

Although this is made with white chocolate (only half an ounce each pop), its much healthier than candy, and certainly a frozen Halloween snack that the kids will love!  They will also enjoy being your little kitchen assistant on this one.







5. Carrot “Pumpkins”

They are so easy to make. I have some super fat carrots, they made awesome pumpkins! With a really sharp knife cut slits lengthwise down the carrot. The distance between your cuts will determine the width of your pumpkin stem. The depth of your cut will determine the height of your stem.

What healthy eating options do you include during this candy filled holiday?