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Stay Sane During The Holidays pt. 3

For our last series in stay sane during the holidays we are focusing on eating healthy. There are many things that influence food choices and it can be hard to plan healthy food options especially for those whom can’t find the time to work on it. We are breaking the process down for you so you can stay on track even when you are busy.

1. Ease of finding food

Because food is so readily available in our culture, it is easy to eat without thinking about how hungry you really are or how much you have already eaten that day.

2. Routines

Adults and children who eat regular meals tend to have better diets and be closer to a healthy weight than those who “graze” throughout the day.


3.  Product marketing

Unhealthy foods can look fun, easy, and tasty with colorful marketing packages and free toys.


4.  Culture and Social meanings

Some foods are comforting and familiar, even if they are not nutritious and healthy. Religious, political, or social beliefs help us make food choices for our families and ourselves.



5.  Living situation

Other people may shop and prepare the food we eat. This is especially true for children and their eating habits.


6. Emotions

Depression, anxiety, boredom, and stress often lead to unhealthy eating habits, both in adults and children.  Sometimes attempts to change eating habits cannot succeed until we learn to manage the emotions and stress in our lives. 




7. Knowing about nutrition

Basic nutrition doesn't have to be complicated. Don't get confused when a new study in the news conflicts with everything you know.  Look at the big picture.  More research might need to be done before it becomes fact.

8. Timing

It isn't so much the time of day that matters but what and how much you eat when you do. The longer you wait between eating, the more you tend to eat at your next meal or snack.


What is one way you are going to change your eating habits?