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Summer Cleaning Kick!

Although summer may not be traditionally associated with deep cleaning and organization, we happen to think it’s the perfect time to get life in order! Summer is the season to reevaluate the structure of life and make some changes! Today, we’ve put together a post to inspire you to bring new life into your everyday spaces. It’s time to clean, organize, rearrange, and redecorate. Ready, set, go!

1.     Deep Clean!

First and foremost, let’s get every nook and cranny cleaned and organized. Be bold and tackle the projects you’ve been dreading all year. At first, things may feel a bit stressful, but, we promise, this feeling won’t last long. After your space is looking sparkling and new again, you’ll thank us! Bonus tip: get your kids in on the cleaning action to speed up the process!

2.     Donate!

As you clean, you’re bound to stumble across countless things you just don’t need anymore. We encourage you to be ruthless in your decision-making and get rid of as much as possible. When it’s all said and done, donate what’s still good and trash the rest. Clutter is a recipe for a disastrous home. Purge now and enjoy a neater home later!

3.     Don’t forget the car!

Once the house is taken care of, we know you’ll be tempted to stop there, but, whatever you do, don’t neglect the car. Most of us spend a significant amount of time in the car driving to and from, it’s no wonder our cars tend to accumulate dirt and clutter just like our homes do. Deep cleaning your car is often the key to a calm and collected life.

4.     Refresh your Décor!

This last step is completely optional, but it can be nice to reevaluate your décor after everything is clean and purified. Reward your hard work with a few new items like pillows with a pop of color or even just fresh flowers from your local market. Looking for some decor inspiration? Click here for some stellar ideas!

Do you have any tips for a summer spruce up?! Tell it all in the comments below.