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Super Bowl Games

Super bowl always brings everyone together for one reason or another (watch the game, food, commercials, etc) so during the downtime it is always good to have some games on hand to keep people busy.  We found everything from commercial Bingo to a miniaturized corn hold game to keep the party going no matter what time it is.


Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

Besides the food, I think the commercials are my favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy watching the football game, but rarely is my team in the final.  It’s the one time of the year when I DON’T fast forward through the commercials.  Make it a party with our Super Bowl Commercial Bingo!





Football Knock Down

Grab yourself a soft football, and some brown cups. Use a white paint pen to make laces on the cups. Stack the cups upside down and knock them down with the football!







Glow in the dark Football Ring Toss

Just grab some glow necklaces, a football, and a stand for the football. Toss away with your necklaces trying to ring the football! Go back later when it gets dark for nighttime fun!







Football Doughnuts on a string game

Line everyone up in front of a doughnut. Have them put their hands behind their backs, and let the fun begin! The object is to be the first one (without cheating) to get a bite out of a doughnut. It’s harder than it looks!













Field Goal Game

Use some painters tape to make the field goal shape and some brown paper cut out into footballs with some double sided tape to the back and you are ready to go. This is a fun game to get people of all ages involved and ready for the game!





Game Day Bingo Cards

Who doesn’t love a great game of bingo especially with it is Game Day themed.  Check this out and play it with your friends at your next football party.





Mini Football Corn hole

You can make this for your kids or for a football party at your home.  Because this corn hole game is mini sized it can be played indoors or out.  Challenge your friends and family to a rousing game anytime when it is mini sized.