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Thanksgiving Activites

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you have been so worried abut the food you forgot about ways to entertain your guests.  That is ok, we have you covered! We found a variety of Thanksgiving themed games, activities and even crafts that no matter what age your guests are you will have something for everyone.


1.  Stuff the Turkey Thanksgiving Game

This is the perfect game for your Thanksgiving parties. It’s so, so super simple to make, and a lot of fun for everyone.








2.  Turkey Bowling

While you’re busy in the kitchen whipping up a feast, entertain the children with a fun and easy Thanksgiving Game: Turkey Bowling! You can prepare the “pins” in advance in a matter of minutes, or you can let the older children get crafty. Either way, this a fun Thanksgiving activity for kids that get everyone up, moving and laughing!




3.  Shooting Turkeys

This is a little game that everyone loves playing! Once you have set up the helium balloon targets its time to gather those nerf guns and shoot! Each person gets the same amount of bullets and you can keep score! The person with the most points wins!


4.  Cupcake Liner Turkey Puppet

Making crafts with your kids can be interactive for pretend play or can be used to reenact a story that was recently read. Here is a kid-friendly turkey puppet that your kids could help with. The best part is the main material used to make these are a household favorite- cupcake liners.





5.  Pumpkin Pie Kids Craft

One of my favorite things to make {and eat} on Thanksgiving is Pumpkin Pie. {YUM – so delicious!} So it was only fitting that we got a kid approved alternative t make in honor of the delicious dessert. With just some tissue paper, a paper plate and tons of glue – you too can make it with your child today. Best part is it’s calorie free and you “make” it over & over again – on the fly & cheap!


6.  The Thankful Tree

Autumn is such a beautiful season- the colors, the weather, etc. More than that, though, it is beautiful to see people give thanks, counting how many ways they have been blessed. And for each and everyone of us living and breathing, that list is unending. One way we display reminders to cultivate a thankful heart is with The Thankful Tree.




7.  Fridge Tree with Magnet Leaves

If you are looking for some seasonal fun for your little one try this fun game below.







8.  Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props


Nothing says spending the holiday with family than creating fun lasting memories and photos.  Download and print your Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props and spend time giggling with your family as you pose with the goofy holiday themed items.


What are your families favorite activities to celebrate Thanksgiving? Do they watch movies, play board games, etc?