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Valentine's Day Cards

Did you forget to make some festive cards for your kids school party or office exchange? These are the perfect last minute cards to whip up that are sure to make a big impact on whoever receives them.


Fishbowl Valentines

Do you know anyone absolutely obsessed with Nemo? These Fishbowl Valentine Printable graphic are the perfect thing for your little ones to bring to school this year.  



Lolly Pop Heart Flowers

Lolly Pop <3.jpg

These lolly pop heart flowers are so easy to make and they are pretty darn cute!









ASL I Love You Craft

Valentine’s Day is such a great time to tell everyone you love how you feel about them. You don’t have to just say “I love you” with words though. This cute Valentine’s Day card uses a cut out of your hand to form the ASL sign for “I Love You” and is perfect as a Valentine’s Day craft of a DIY Valentine’s Day card.


Mini Chocolate Mailboxes

With Valentine’s Day coming up, two of my favorite things collide: adorable paper crafts and chocolate! Here’s a fun way to give the gift of chocolate in a creative way, with these adorable mini chocolate mailboxes. The best part is that you can use paper scraps and you don’t need a bunch of paper crafting tools to make them.


Valentine’s Day Fruits with messages

I made these Valentine’s Day fruits with messages after seeing some fruits on the web that had adorable printables attached to them.  






Is your LOVE the BOMB?

This is such a cute idea! If you have a friend that appreciates the cute and clever simplicity of gifts, then this idea is for you. This works well with candy like Rolos or Sweet Tarts or any candy that originally comes in a cylindrical container, as those will look the most like dynamite! However, the sky is the limit and for this gift, you can use a variety of candy. Turn candy bars into a stick of dynamite, because your love is EXPLOSIVE!