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Valentine's Day Decorations

Making ones home decorated with the upcoming holiday’s theme always helps me get excited for the holiday that is right around the corner.  There are many simple ways you can decorate a home for Valentine’s Day which are actually pretty easy.  Take a look at some of our ideas below.


Here’s our first Valentine’s Day decoration of the season! We love how colorful and happy this garland is and we’re excited for Valentine’s Day already!





Valentine Wreath

Looking for a fun and easy DIY Valentine Wreath? This wreath is so simple to make and add such a fun touch to your holiday home decor. 




DIY Love Valentines’ Day Sign

Making signs for holidays can be such a fun activity. We always enjoy taking some wood, adding some paint and have something custom that is EXACTLY what we wanted it to be!  Not to mention it is much less expensive than buying one as well.  The upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday is no exception for our DIY sign obsession.  


Valentine’s Heart Attack Lawn Signs

Kensie Kate is hooking you up with all of the printables you’ll need to pull it off.  Just stick our printable door sign on the front door… The clever poem explains it all. Then, just attach our printable lawn signs onto wooden sticks or dowels and push them into the ground all over the yard.