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Valentine's Day Games

Valentine’s day is usually thought of as being a day for date nights and spending time with your partner.  This is also a great time to spend sometime with your other loved ones like your kiddos and have a nice friendly family game to play.  We came up with 4 games that involve this festive holiday.


Valentine’s Day Giant Tic Tac Toe

What will you be doing this Valentine’s day?  You can always play this GIANT TIC TAC TOE game!! This simple-to-create game will make a dazzling wall feature at your Valentine’s day party. All you need is some gaffer’s (or washi) tape and a collection of gold X and O balloons!



Cupid’s Arrow Toss

If you have any kids obsessed with the movie, Brave, and pretending to be Merida then this game is perfect for you! Building on that interest, I created this simple Valentine’s Day Game– Cupid’s Arrow Toss!












Heart Toss

Here is a quick and fun little game you can whip up for your little ones as Valentine's Day is approaching!  It would even make a great game for a Valentine's Day party! 







DIY Skee ball

First up is this DIY version of skee ball – hearts replace the usual circles for a special Valentine’s Day look. The main structure is made of foam core, so it’s simple to make and lots of fun to decorate as well!